Metal-Free Dental Implants

Inspired by natural smiles

A dental implant is a small, but strong, device that is inserted in the jaw bone in place of a missing tooth root, where bone grows and bonds with the implant surface. The new Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant is a tooth- colored and metal-free alternative that acts and looks like a natural, healthy tooth.

Are you looking for a metal-free ceramic dental implant alternative?

The Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant is made from high-strength ceramic material, designed to achieve maximum functional and esthetic performance. The implant matches your natural tooth color and is not visible through thin or recessed gum tissue. This allows patients to have a natural-looking and long- lasting tooth replacement option.

Designed with patients in mind

Straumann developed the PURE Ceramic Implant for patients seeking a metal-free dental implant, whether due to a metal sensitivity, a preference toward holistic or natural dentistry, or a thin, transparent gum tissue type. The PURE ceramic implant offers a:

  •  Tooth-colored implant for natural-looking results
  • Metal-free alternative with excellent biocompatibility
  • Mechanically-tested,high-strength implant backed by scientific evidence
Metal-free dental implants